Ad Hoc Pipe Haddock Club France

Why to join Haddock Club ?
When joining Haddock Club, you will become a
preferred customer of Ad Hoc Pipe and obtain the following advantages:
1. have a 10% permanent discount on all products sold by Ad Hoc Pipe, except on special offers. informed with the News of Ad Hoc Pipe, you can receive for free and discover immediately all special offers of Ad Hoc Pipe
3.benefit of all special offers of Ad Hoc Pipe and in particular those reserved to Haddock Club member only

How to join Haddock Club ?
To join Haddock Club and become a preferred
customer you just have to:
have already issued at least one order on Ad Hoc Pipe. You will receive your Haddock Club Member number with your first invoice.

How to take benefit of Haddock Club ?
To take advantage of Haddock Club, you should always indicate
your Haddock Club Number when:
1. you have to fill the form to order products to Ad hoc Pipe. Automatically a 10% discount will be applied on all ordered products indicate the "Special offer price" (reference price) reserved to Haddock Club Member in the Ad Hoc Pipe order form. The 10% discount will also be applied to the reference price.

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Commercial name of the French company: SARL DENIS BLANC (Working capital: 50000 FF)
RCS Nb: Belfort B 419 290 846 Siret Nb: 419 290 846 00023 APE Code: 526A