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Paul Lanier is one of the carvers of pipe of Saint Claude. As his colleagues, he is pursuing the tradition of pipe carving of Saint Claude. Paul has carved a lot of pipes and he realizes every year the portrait of the First Pipe Smoker of France. You can appreciate his talent through his realizations, which for many of them are presented in the Pipe and Diamond Museum of Saint Claude. .

In fact Paul Lanier is a real artist and he can also realize on demand all models of pipe. He enjoy to carve briar and every year he postpones the time of retirement.

You can see here an example of smoking pipe, realized on demand by Paul Lanier for an Ad Hoc Pipe customer of Hawaii. The first step for such a realization a drawing. And after acceptance of the drawing, Paul will have at least a complete week of work to realize the requested model..

And finally, you can appreciate the exceptional quality of this realization

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Paul Lanier Dogs Zoo Fantasy